Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls

500 million euros will be spent on the Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls. Yesterday, I was honored to be invited at the Center for Global Development to discuss how it can be optimized and effect global policy towards women and girls. #Spotlightendviolence

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Ways You Can Bring Success in Your Career

Once you enter the professional life, it’s a tough competitive world out there. Sailing through it smoothly is easy, but often one feels there’s no guarantee that you will step up the ladder faster than others

That’s not true. There are a few everyday habits that will make every moment of your hardwork count and make you successful earlier than your peers


Be Mr Dependable
Make people believe you’re the one who can get them what they need, especially your boss. You want everyone to think you’re the most dependable person around.

Let your work speak for you
The more quiet you are about your efforts, the more surprised people will be on seeing the results, and the more they’re going to talk about you.

Listen more, speak less
The less you speak, the lesser are the chances of you uttering something stupid. It will also make you come across as an intelligent person. You want people to literally wait to hear what you have to say.

Keep your goals in focus
Keep a sight on the ultimate dream but also plan out short-term targets. It’s the best way of ensuring that you’re always on the move, and not stagnating. Make every day count.

Work on people skills
Know how to deal with people the right way. Try to solve conflicts without turning them into fights. Building a good rapport with people despite all disagreements and arguments will take you a long way.

Value every contact you make
Wherever you go, build contacts. You have no idea whom you’d need when in life. Be the guy everybody remembers. Be the guy everyone wants to work with.

Spot opportunities before others
Do what nobody else can, or nobody else already has. Give this world something it has never seen before and you’ll be the one true hero in no ti

Have a mentor

It pays to have a mentor and a guide who can do some handholding, especially in the early part of your career.

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Regional powers back studies impact of Ethiopia’s Nile dam

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia commissioned studies into the environmental and economic impact of a $4 billion dam on the Nile that Addis Ababa aims to make the centrepiece of its bid to become Africa’s biggest power exporter.

The 6,000-megawatt Grand Renaissance Dam, situated close to Ethiopia’s border with Sudan and being built by Italy’s largest construction firm Salini Impregilo SpA, is due for completion next year

It has become a bone of contention between Ethiopia and Egypt, downstream from the dam and relying almost exclusively on the Nile for agricultural, industrial and domestic water use.

Addis Ababa has complained Cairo has pressured international donors and lenders to withhold funding for the project, while Egypt has sought assurances the dam will not significantly cut the flow of water to its rapidly growing population.

Egyptian state news agency MENA said the two countries plus Sudan signed contracts on Tuesday tasking two French firms, BRL and Artelia, with conducting studies into the dam’s impact.

Gilles Rocquelain, BRL Director General, said the studies would start in late 2016 and take 11 months.

The leaders of the three countries signed a co-operation deal in Khartoum last year to pave the way for a joint approach to regional water supplies.

In all, Ethiopia plans to spend some $12 billion on harnessing its rivers for hydro power production in the next two decades.Regional-powers-back-studies-on-impact-of-Ethiopia’s-Nile-dam-768x432.jpg

Buy Juniper Bonsai Plant

Bonsai is a tree or shrub, which is growing up in a pot or a container in such a way. Bonsai cultivation is creative occupation. Bonsai is a Japanese pronunciation, where ‘bon’ means a tray or container and ‘sai’ means plantings. Bonsai tree first originated in China, but the Japanese made these in a perfect art form. Bonsai is cultivating in a small container. Some bonsai are like Juniper bonsai, Crabapple Bonsai, Carpinus Bonsai, Pine Bonsai, and Maple Bonsai etc.
If Bosai doesn’t received enough light, it will be die. Indoor Bonsai plants are grown up in indoor temperature. Bonsai needs to grow regular watering, soil fertilization and composition.

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Juniper Bonsai

Juniper plant is a type of bonsai plant that belongs from family of “Cupressaceae” and scientific name of this plant is “Juniperus communis”. It is an ornamental plant and also a fruit plant. Fruits are fleshy; it is red, brown, orange and purple in color. Seeds are covered with hard shell. Juniper has variable species.

Number Cakes
Juniper plant needs shade but full indirect sunlight for its healthy growth. Morning sunlight is good for this plant but it must be protect from afternoon sunlight. Juniper plant does not grow indoors and less sunlight is harmful for this plant growth. Watering regularly and carefully is preferable for this plant growth. When this plant is growing then it must not be dry out. Watering once or twice in a week is good for this plant growth. In its growing time it needs fertilizer once in a fortnight; excess fertilizing is not good for this plant growth. Well-drained and good quality soil is preferable for this plant growth.

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