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Bonsai is a tree or shrub, which is growing up in a pot or a container in such a way. Bonsai cultivation is creative occupation. Bonsai is a Japanese pronunciation, where ‘bon’ means a tray or container and ‘sai’ means plantings. Bonsai tree first originated in China, but the Japanese made these in a perfect art form. Bonsai is cultivating in a small container. Some bonsai are like Juniper bonsai, Crabapple Bonsai, Carpinus Bonsai, Pine Bonsai, and Maple Bonsai etc.
If Bosai doesn’t received enough light, it will be die. Indoor Bonsai plants are grown up in indoor temperature. Bonsai needs to grow regular watering, soil fertilization and composition.

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Juniper Bonsai

Juniper plant is a type of bonsai plant that belongs from family of “Cupressaceae” and scientific name of this plant is “Juniperus communis”. It is an ornamental plant and also a fruit plant. Fruits are fleshy; it is red, brown, orange and purple in color. Seeds are covered with hard shell. Juniper has variable species.

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Juniper plant needs shade but full indirect sunlight for its healthy growth. Morning sunlight is good for this plant but it must be protect from afternoon sunlight. Juniper plant does not grow indoors and less sunlight is harmful for this plant growth. Watering regularly and carefully is preferable for this plant growth. When this plant is growing then it must not be dry out. Watering once or twice in a week is good for this plant growth. In its growing time it needs fertilizer once in a fortnight; excess fertilizing is not good for this plant growth. Well-drained and good quality soil is preferable for this plant growth.

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